Dyje, poutní kostel sv. Jana Nepomuckého

Holy Masses


The Baroque church is dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk. It stands in the middle of the village Dyje. The church is from 1775. It belonged to Louka monastery. After dissolving of the monastery in 1784, the church in Dyje began to decay. Reparations have never been completed. Attempts to save and renew the church are continuing by now. The church is a single-nave building, with a semi-circular presbytery. A prismatic tower rises above the western façade of an entrance. Rich wall decorations of the church interior are almost original. Murals display the Holy Trinity, Incarnation of the Lord, Christ Flagellated, and the Church of God. There is a statue of Christ Flagellated placed on the main altar. Many pilgrims from near and further villages used to come there to worship Christ.

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