Němčany-Lutršték, poutní kaple Sedmibolestné Panny Marie

Holy Masses

Pravidelné bohoslužby (aktualizováno 20. 11. 2020) (iBohosluzby.cz ):

, nepravidelně, nepravidelně, 1. neděle květen až říjen, všechny neděle v květnu a září


The pilgrimage place called Lutršték stands on a hill northwest of the village Němčany. According to a legend, a spring with miraculous water has always been at this place and several blind people were cured by this water. A little chapel was built near the spring by grateful people. The legend about the miraculous water on Lutršték spread quickly. More and more pilgrims came. From their gifts, a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows was built there from 1867 to 1877. The single-nave building has got a rectangular floor plan, indented presbytery, and a tower. On the main altar, there is a picture of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows. A statue of Christ the King and two stone crosses are situated in front of the church.

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