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The educational trail Jáchymov Hell is reminiscent of the life of political prisoners from labor camps near uranium mines in the vicinity of Jáchymov. The trail was renewed and widened thanks to the activity of the civic association Političtí vězni.cz. and ceremoniously unveiled on June 27, 2015 on Remembrance Day for the Victims of the Communist Regime in the presence of former political prisoners Hana Truncová, Zdeněk Mandrholec and František Wiendl.

The trail measuring 8.5 km leads along the yellow mark of a common tourist sign, it consists of 17 information boards. It starts in front of the church of St. Jáchym at the memorial to the victims of communism [see Jáchymov. The Way of the Cross to Freedom (Freedom Gate monument and memorial stones)], continues around the local museum [see Jáchymov. Exposition Concentration camps at uranium mines in the Jáchymov region 1949–1961], up the wooden stairs to the Svornost mine. Other information stops include the Nikolaj, Rovnost and Eliáš camps, where there is a six-meter cross and a mound in memory of scouts imprisoned in labor camps [see Jáchymov. Cross and mound]. The former camps Mariánská, Vršek, Bratrství are located off the trail, but they are accessible via hiking or cycling trails.


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