Slup, kostel Jména Panny Marie

Holy Masses


A church in Slup is first mentioned in 1228, so it was originally Romanesque. Today´s church is late Gothic from the end of the 15th century. It was rebuilt in the Baroque style in the 17th century and Classicist style in 1845. A revered statue of St. Virgin Mary from the 15th century stands on the main altar. This statue is called “Our Lady under the willows”. Pilgrims have come there since the 17th century. In 2009, the roof of the church was repaired, and in 2010, when the dome was restored, it won the first price in a competition for the best-repaired monument of South Moravia Region. The origin of the church is linked with a legend: On the place of today´s church, school, mill and a large meadow used to be. One of the men, who scythed grass in the meadow, was having a rest under the willow trees nearby when he found a picture of the Virgin Mary. The man understood this sudden gift as an appeal of the Virgin Mary to build a church there. Unfortunately, he did not have enough money. He did not know, what to do, so he went to the cellar. He wanted to have a wine there and think about this problem. But the barrel, which had always been full of wine, suddenly dried up. The man tore a bar from the barrel to see, where the wine had disappeared, and suddenly, silver coins began to fall from the barrel. The man had enough money to build the church now. We can see this event in the picture of the “Virgin Mary under the willows”, which is situated in the church. It is said that many ill people were healed in front of this picture, when they were praying to the Virgin Mary.

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