Milevsko, Klášter Milevsko klášterní turistika


The Milevsko Monastery, founded in 1187 by Jiří of Milevsko, is the oldest and unique monastery in southern Bohemia. The Premonstratensian Order of Želiv participated in the construction of the monastery and became subsequently the first community in Milevsko with Fr. Jarloch as an abbot. The monastery has experienced several historical falls and rises, but the rare genius loci has been preserved for centuries. The greatest pride of the monastery is undoubtedly the Romanesque Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, but one can also admire the Church of St. Jiljí with a Romanesque tribune tower and a unique net vault of the so-called Milevsko type. Under the care of the Strahov Premonstratensian Order, the place regains its original dignified appearance, and the dilapidated buildings are being transformed into a magnificent cross-section of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque times. Milevsko Monastery also offers a program for pilgrims.

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