Dolní Kounice, kaple sv. Antonína Paduánského


The pilgrimage Chapel of St. Antony of Padua is visible from long distance. It stands on a hill at the northeast edge of Dolní Kounice village. The Baroque chapel is a copy of the Roman church of St. Agnes in Piazza Navona. It replaced an original wooden chapel from 1654. The single-nave building has got a quadrangular entrance part with a bell tower. You can enter by three different doors into the chapel. The main picture of St. Anthony of Padua is the centre of the interior decoration. The picture is part of the main altar. The pilgrimage tradition was founded soon after finishing the chapel building. For local inhabitants, the pilgrimage was the way how to thank St. Anthony for his protection against disasters. The feast of St. Anthony became an important celebration. About fifteen processions from local villages came there every year. Pilgrims are still coming to the chapel nowadays. They can go along the Way of the Cross from 1899. The way is lined with little Baroque chapels.

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