Brno, kostel sv. Janů klášterní turistika

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The church belongs to a Minorite monastery. It is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist. The convent of Minorite order was founded in 1230 in Brno. In 1257, the monastic church was consecrated, but it was destroyed by a fire several times during tens following years. In 1320 a new presbytery of the church was sanctificed. The convent, ambits and a paradise court were finished by the end of 14th century. After Hussite wars, the monastery was repaired. There are Late Gothic frescoes preserved from that time. The monastery buildings were damaged during the time of Reformation and during the Thirty Years´ War. In the first half of 17th century, only four monks lived there. But the monastery started to recover slowly and Minorite monks became popular among local inhabitants again. A huge renovation of the church and monastery buildings started at the beginning of 18th century. The main architect was Moritz Grimm. Loreto was built on a place of former cemetery, ambits and side chapels with Holy Stairs were made too. Finally, these buildings became a part of a unique architectonical system. It consists of three courtyards and three churches linked together with one roof. Brno convent flourished at that time. The successful development was interrupted by Josephine reforms, but the monastery was not dissolved. From 1807 to 1840 a monastery school existed here. A local library included more than ten thousand books and a little observatory was built there too. At the beginning of 20th century 7 monks lived in the monastery. The monastery architectonical complex survived the time of Nazi occupation. However, it was damaged by bombs at the end of the Second World War. Communists became the owners of the monastery later, but Minorites were enabled to live here and look after the buildings. The Minorite monks took over the monastery again after the fall of communist regime. They are the only order in Brno, which is active at one place continuously for nearly 800 years.

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