Brno, jezuitský kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie klášterní turistika

Holy Masses


A small Romanesque-Gothic church of Virgin Mary used to stand there at first. It belonged to a woman Augustinian monastery. The nuns were called “Herburga´s Virgins” according to their first abbess. The monastery was founded in 1240 and it was one of the oldest monasteries in Brno. The activity of the monastery was finished later, but Jesuits were called to Brno in 1570. They came in 1578 and took over all monastery buildings. They rebuilt the medieval convent into a college with Jesuit novitiate and started building a church. When the Jesuit order was cancelled in 1773, an academy from Olomouc used these buildings. Later, the property including the church was given to army and used as barracks. The whole complex of Jesuit college was torn down in 1904, leaving only the church and an early Baroque Portal, which is placed in Mozart street behind the church now.
The Mannerist church was built from 1598 to 1602. Baroque renovation of the church was done in 18th century. Frescoes were painted on the arch and new altars were made. At the end of the 2nd World War the church was heavily destroyed by bombs. It was repaired from 1945 to 1952. In 1989, Jesuits returned and took over the church again. Many reparations have been done in the church since that time. A new organ, made by a Swiss company called Mathis, was blessed 29 th June 2014. A Foundation Campianius has been founded for financial support of new organ construction. On a website you can get more information about “adoption” of organ parts and about organ concerts in the church. Worships are held regularly in the church. It is a meeting place for university catholic students. Their activities are organised by University Catholic Movement Brno there Alpha courses are also held in the church. These courses are prepared for people who are searching reasons for their faith. They can discuss and get more information there.

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