Znojmo-Popice u Znojma, poutní kaple Panny Marie Bolestné

Holy Masses


A small pilgrimage place with the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows is situated in the Podyjí National Park, between the villages Popice and Havraníky. The gratefulness for protection of the Virgin Mary against the plague was the reason for building the chapel in years 1815 and 1816. Before the chapel was built, a little monument remembering the Passion of Christ and the Virgin Mary of Sorrows used to stand there. According to a legend, a barefoot procession of pilgrims with a cross went to the monument the 16th December 1680. Pilgrims asked the Virgin Mary for stopping the plague epidemic and their pleas were heard. The desolate chapel was restored to its original appearance from 1992 to 1993. There is an inscription in Czech and German on the entrance façade. Inside of the chapel we can find a column with a statue of Pieta, remembering the original little monument. A painting with motifs of the seven pains of the Virgin Mary is on the wall around the statue. This place has always been considered sacred and many pilgrims from wide area travelled there.

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2,8 km (Znojmo-Nový Šaldorf)

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400 m

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