Moravský Krumlov, poutní kaple sv. Floriána

Holy Masses


The chapel of St. Florian stands on a hill above Moravský Krumlov town. It is a dominant building of the surrounding landscape. According to a legend, gratitude to God for protecting a prince from falling down a cliff was the reason why the chapel was built. St. Florian is the saint patron of the town. Inhabitants prayed to him a lot when the town suffered from fires. The Baroque architecture of the chapel is quite interesting. The chapel has got a square floor plan, four towers in the corners, and two floors. A tall tower used to stand in the centre of the building. On the western façade of the building, there is a niche with a statue of St. Florian. Inside the chapel, we can find two opposite choirs and the main altar with a picture of St. Florian. Traditional pilgrimages are celebrated there by local inhabitants as well as by pilgrims from far away.

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