Bohutice, Lurdská jeskyně Panny Marie Nanebevzaté


Lourdes cave of St. Mary of Assumption was built in 1928 as a memory of the 70th anniversary of Virgin Mary´s revelation in Lourdes (Lourdes is a village in the southern part of France). The cave is situated in the northwest part of village Bohutice, on a slope next to the road leading to a cemetery. The cave is built of massive stones. In the middle of the cave, there is an altar and a copy of a statue of Virgin Mary from Lourdes. The altar is made of Carrara marble. The cave is closed by bars nowadays. But in times of its greatest glory, thousands of pilgrim processions with music and flags came there. These traditional pilgrimages had been restricted since 1948. In 1959 they completely disappeared. Restoration of pilgrim traditions started in 1990.

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