Bítov, kaple Nanebevzetí Panny Marie na nádvoří hradu Bítov

Holy Masses


The chapel is dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption. It belongs to block of buildings of the Castle Bítov. This castle is situated on a steep rock above the river Želetavka. The chapel became the part of the castle quite early, in years 1061 – 1067. The architecture of the chapel is neo-Gothic now, it is from year 1845. The chapel is a one-nave building, finished by a polygonal presbytery. In the west part it has got a prism-shaped tower. A small baroque chapel is joined to the north wall. There is also a crypt under the building. You can find tombs of former castle owners there. Light comes from big stained-glass windows into the chapel, the main altar is decorated with a picture of St. Mary´s Assumption scene. Next to the altar, there is a precious Gothic sculpture of Bítov Madonna. Pilgrims pray there for reconciliation, therefore this statue of Virgin Mary is called “Mother of Hope”. Near the complex of castle buildings, you can also find a little well. A cave with a statue of Virgin Mary from Lourdes is situated there. It is considered being the oldest Lourdes cave in the Czech Republic.

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