Slavkov u Brna, poutní kaple sv. Urbana


The chapel of St. Urban stands on a hill at the north-eastern edge of the village called Slavkov u Brna. The city council decided to build a chapel on that place in 1712. The original chapel was built there in 1716, according to the plans of the architect Domenico Martinelli. However, it was replaced by a new chapel in 1861. This chapel has got a shape of an isosceles cross with rounded inner corners. In the centre of the chapel, there is a vaulted cupola. A quadrangular tower rises above the presbytery. Statues of St. Anthony and St. Charles used to stand on the sides of the roof, but they were moved to the inner niches of the chapel in 1992. A copy of the altarpiece of St. Urban dominates the interior. The traditional feast of St. Urban was restored in 2000. The last reparation of the chapel was done from 2011 to 2013. Fourteen Stations of the Cross with paintings by Milivoj Husák were built on the path leading from the foot of the hill to the chapel. They were built from 2011 to 2015.

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