Tvarožná, kaple Panny Marie Sněžné, Santon


The pilgrimage chapel of Our Lady of the Snows stands on a hill called Santon, southwest of the village Tvarožná. The chapel was built on the base stones of a former wooden chapel. It has got a rectangular floor plan and a tent roof with a small wooden tower. In the façade, above the arched entrance, there is a Marian relief. The simple interior of the chapel is decorated with the altar of the Virgin Mary. The original statue of the Virgin Mary was moved to the parish church of St. Nicholas in Tvarožná. A legend of miraculous healing with water from a nearby spring is linked with this statue. Every year, pilgrims from near parishes used to come to the chapel with their own statues of the Virgin Mary and celebrated there. The pilgrimage tradition is still alive. The pilgrimage Holy Mass is celebrated at the chapel around the feast of Our Lady of the Snows.

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