Rosice u Brna, poutní kaple Nejsvětější Trojice


The pilgrimage chapel of the Holy Trinity stands on a hill at the southern edge of Rosice village (near Brno). This very interesting building is visible from a distance. The floor plan of the chapel is circular, it has got three apses. The main altar is decorated with a sculpture of the Holy Trinity, the side altars are dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Mariazell and the Virgin Mary of St. Thomas. There are three oratories and a choir in the chapel. Under the chapel, there is a crypt. A linden alley leads to the pilgrimage chapel. In the alley, you can find twelve stone Stations of the cross with carved reliefs. Together with the chapel, they create a historically valuable monument. Thich pleasant place became a favourite pilgrimage site even before the war. Pilgrims traditionally came there to celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity.

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