Rajhrad, pouť ke Staré Matce Boží Rajhradské v mariánské kapli klášterního kostela klášterní turistika


The abbey church of St. Peter and St Pauls stand on a place, where the original Romanesque church used to be. The Baroque single-nave building has got two towers and it is connected to the surrounding monastery buildings. The façade of the church draws the attention with a mosaic of the Virgin Mary and with a gilded Benedictine cross. The interior of the church is richly decorated with frescos, statues, and carvings. There is the main altar made of marble stone and other eight side altars. The revered statue of the Virgin Mary of Rajhrad used to stand on the main altar, but it was heavily damaged during the invasion of Prussian soldiers. The renovated statue is placed in a special chapel on the right of the church entrance nowadays. The pilgrimage site in Rajhrad is called “the precious pearl of Moravia.”

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