Oslavany, kostel sv. Mikuláše - pouť k Panně Marii Karmelské

Holy Masses


The pilgrimage tradition in Oslavany is closely connected with the oldest Cistercian monastery in Moravia. The Gothic statue of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, which is placed on the main church altar, probably comes from this defunct monastery. The church of St. Nicholas was first mentioned in a written document from 1320. The original plain building has been rebuilt several times. Today´s Neo-Baroque shape is from 1799. The church is a single-nave building, with a semi-circular apse and a prismatic tower. Inside of the church, we can find the main altar dedicated to St. Nicholas. Two side altars, and the pictures of the Stations of the Cross are probably from the defunct Louka monastery (near Znojmo). The traditional pilgrimage festival of the Our Lady of Carmel has been celebrated there since 1707. People meet there around the feast day of the Our Lady of Carmel, 16th July.

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