Ořechov u Brna, poutní kaple sv. Peregrina


The chapel is located on a hill among three villages – Ořechov, Nenbovidy and Želešice. The place, where the chapel stands, had an important role during measuring of “Viennesse meridian” in 1759. It was one of the auxiliary trigonometric points (the purpose of the measurement was to determine the shape and size of the Earth). The chapel dedicated to St. Peregrine was built in 1863 there. A hundred years old tradition of walking pilgrimages from Brno to Mariazell is linked with the chapel. The chapel was the first stop on the way. Pilgrims prayed in front of the picture of the Mother of God there and asked God and St. Peregrine for protection on their way and for happy homecoming. The tradition of pilgrimages has been still alive. Even if it was interrupted during the wars and the reign of communists, people came there to pray. Since the 1980s, the pilgrimages have been slowly renewed. A walking pilgrimage to the chapel is organised every year in May. The parishioners and people from near villages come there and celebrate the Holy Mass. It is the only St. Peregrine´s pilgrimage organised in our country. St. Peregrine has been traditionally asked for help in case of cancer and leg pain. Even if the main pilgrimage is organised in May, people visit the chapel all the year. The evidences are messages, kind greetings, and prayer intentions left, as well as light of candles placed in the chapel.

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