Ivančice, Starohorská kaple - pouť k Panně Marii Starohorské


The chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary from Staré Hory. It stands about 1 km far from town Ivančice, next to the road leading to Brno. Jan Frydrych, the inhabitant of Ivančice, had the chapel build in 1750. Near the chapel, there is a spring with good refreshing water. Old linden trees provide shadow and beautiful landscape of Staré Hory tempt tourists to have a rest there. Inside of the chapel, there is an altar with a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows. The consecrated statue was placed there in 1842. It was a present from Marie Müllerová, the wife of the owner of Oslavany coal mines. The place around the chapel was renewed and the spring water from the hill was drained into a little well. Services are held in the chapel several times a year. You can sit down, have a rest, and enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape there.

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