Ivančice, poutní kaple sv. Jakuba


The chapel of The St. James stands on the top of Nové hory. The construction started in 1481. The inhabitants of Ivančice and other local villages donated the construction of the chapel. They were grateful to God and St. James for stopping of spreading the plague epidemy. The chapel was dedicated to St. James, because people could not travel easily to his grave in Santiago de Compostella. From 1580 to 1620 it was the only local worship place for Catholic believers because Protestants used the parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Ivančice square. Pilgrims were coming to the chapel till 1784. The chapel was cancelled by the emperor Joseph II and in was demolished in that year. An epidemy of cholera stopped in 1836 and local inhabitants decided to build the chapel again. Fr. Tomáš Procházka, the local patriot, was the leader of this activity. Despite many obstacles, the neo-Gothic chapel was completed in 1858. The original statue of St. James from the parish church was located there. The first Holy Mass was served by Professor František Sušil there. 37 other priests were presented, and it was a great celebration for patriotic Moravia. Apart of the chapel, 14 outdoor Stations of the Cross with polychrome cast iron reliefs from 1863 are the parts of the pilgrim place too. The tradition of St. James pilgrimages has been maintained for more than 155 years in Ivančice. Every year, the St. James´ pilgrimage is held on the last July Sunday there.

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