Šebetov, poutní kaple sv. Anny

Holy Masses


This Neo-Gothic chapel of St. Anna stands on a hill at the south-eastern edge of the village of Šebetov. The law protected chapel dominates the village. It is made of red bricks. The original chapel was built in 1711, but it was reconstructed in 1842. The chapel is a single-nave building, with a turret, the façade is decorated with a round window. The interior of the chapel is illuminated by stained glass windows and a richly decorated classicist chandelier. Inside of the church, we can find paintings of the apostles, St. Joseph, and St. Anna, and carvings of Tyrolean author Pendl. The pilgrimage tradition is very old and still alive there, the pilgrimage is celebrated on the feast day of St. Anna every year.

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Railway station

2 km

Bus stop

200 m (Šebetov-U zámku)

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