Ostrov u Macochy, pouť k Lurdské Panně Marii v Císařské jeskyni


The Cisarska Cave (The Imperial Cave) is a part of the Moravian Karst. It can be found on the slope of Ostrovský žleb, the valley on the northern edge of Ostrov u Macochy, the village. The horizontal cave system with underground lakes that includes the Cisarska Cave was opened to the public in 1930. A statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes was installed in the stalactite-decorated cave so that the pilgrimage place was created. Pilgrims with candles sailed there on boats. Because of the statue of the Virgin Mary in a rocky niche, the place started to be called the Moravian Lourdes. The cave was closed for pilgrimages in the early 1950s and the original statue disappeared. In 2001, the pilgrimage place was reopened. A new statue of Our Lady of Lourdes was placed there, and the pilgrimage tradition was renewed again. Nowadays, the cave is used by a children´s hospital, because the unique climate of the cave helps to treat respiratory diseases. A pilgrimage Holy Mass is celebrated in the Cisarska Cave once a year.

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