Lipůvka, poutní lokalita sv. Klimenta


The pilgrimage place of St. Kliment is on the place of a former Romanesque church. According to historical sources, the church used to stand on a hill between villages Lipůvka and Nuzířov as early as in the 13th century and it used to be a parish church. The so-called “dead path” led to the church and funeral processions came there. In 1787, the church was cancelled by the emperor Josef II. It was demolished in 1793 for reasons of public safety, so that, nobody could hide in the walls of the former church. Stones from the church were used when a cemetery wall of the near church of St. Cecilia was built. The floor plan of the original church is still visible on the top of the tree-covered hill. There are two crosses on the hill. One is made of stone, one is wooden. Every year, on the feast of Saint Cyril and Methodius (they found the remains of St. Pope Clement, brought them to Rome, St. Cyril died there and was buried in St. Clement´s Basilica), processions and pilgrims come there. They celebrate Holy Mass in the open air there.

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